There is a carpet for everyone, even pet owners

Whether you’re looking for a colorful shag carpet for a teenager’s bedroom or a serviceable Berber carpet to cover the basement floor, you’ll find styles galore. When browsing for carpet, it’s a good idea to start with perennial favorites. Tough and durable nylon is the most popular synthetic fiber while wool tops the list of natural fibers. Inherently stain resistant triexta is a newer fiber that deserves a second look. You can find trendy carpet flooring at A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc. in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, including brands that were designed with pet owners in mind.

Carpet pile and TPI

Fiber density and fiber strand length, or pile, help determine durability. Carpet is made by sewing loops of fiber onto a backing. A short loop pile, or Berber, is the most durable type of carpet. When loops are cut at the tips, fiber strands are twisted or turned, to increase durability. The turns per inch (TPI) number found on a label should be between 4.5 and 6.0.

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Carpet padding

Since padding absorbs the impact of foot traffic, it is important to choose the type that perfectly complements the carpet. Be aware that installing the wrong type can void the warranty. Most residential carpet pads are 7/16-inch thick. However, the amount of foot traffic or type of carpet may make a different thickness more desirable. A short pile carpet often needs a thinner pad.

Carpet installation

Installers can move furniture, but electronics and small items must be moved before installation day. Installers first remove the old carpeting and repair the subfloor, if needed. Once the area is prepped and cleaned, they use a carpet stretcher to pull the carpet across the room. It may be necessary to remove doors, and the homeowner may need to trim those doors on the bottom.
Luxury carpet in Harleysville, PA from A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc.

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A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc. is a carpet retailer in Harleysville that also serves surrounding Pennsylvania communities like Harleysville, PA. Youcan find more than wall-to-wall carpet at A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc.. We also carry brands like Capel Rugs and Karastan Rugs. Our services include guaranteed installation and free in-home estimates. We have been in business since 1950 so we know flooring! Visit our showroom in Harleysville, email, or call to get started on your carpet upgrade.