Laminate flooring is available in planks and tiles

Laminate flooring is a favorite for living and dining rooms as well as family rooms and dens. Wood-look planks and stone and ceramic look tiles add an upscale touch to room decor that can't be beaten. Additionally, wood look tiles are a trendy product that encourages new design concepts. A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc. is a laminate retailer in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, that offers a large assortment of all the latest flooring styles, including standard and waterproof laminate.

Standard planks

Standard laminate planks mimic hardwood flooring. A multitude of hardwood species, with their characteristic wood grains, are created using digital imaging technology. The core of a plank is made of wood byproducts while the surface is a clear plastic wear layer that protects the design layer. The general rule is that spills and water need to be cleaned up as soon as possible.

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Standard tiles

Standard laminate tiles usually mimic ceramic and stone flooring, but they can look like hardwood flooring too. Tiles imitate both the surface textures and the characteristics of the three natural materials. Tiles, like planks, are durable and pet-friendly, and they resist dents, scratches, and stains. The lifespan of laminate flooring averages between 15 and 25 years.

Waterproof planks and tiles

A waterproof laminate usually can't be covered in water for much more than one day. The manufacturer's guidelines need to be followed so damage does not occur. If there is a 30-hour waterproof warranty, water can be left on the floor up to 30 hours without staining or swelling. The general rule is that water needs to be cleaned up in a reasonable amount of time.
Laminate flooring in Harleysville, PA from A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc.


A laminate floor is usually a floating floor, so there is no attachment to the subfloor. Planks and tiles, designed to click and lock together, can be installed over some existing flooring as well as concrete. The subfloor needs to be solid, flat, and clean. Underlayment is placed beneath the flooring to help level the subfloor, reduce noise, and cushion and protect the flooring.

A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc. offers laminate flooring in Harleysville, Pennsylvania. We have been known for the highest quality of product and workmanship since our doors opened in 1950. A sample check-out service with guaranteed installation and free in-home estimates are a few of the services you can count on when you come to A.W. Bergey & Sons Inc. for laminate. Use our online forms to contact us or better yet, stop by our showroom and talk to our friendly sales staff.